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Kerry Zacharia

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Occhi Contemporary Artist Talk: London in Different Dimensions with Kerry Zacharia

Occhi Contemporary Arts presents a talk by artist Kerry Zacharia . The London based painter provides a virtual tour and overview of work featured in her online show ' London in Different Dimensions'. The event took place on Saturday 14th August 2021.


Reflecting over the last six months, Kerry Zacharia, a London-born artist of Greek-Cypriot ethnicity, talked to Occhi Magazine about how the first national lockdown of our lifetime positively inspired her creative mind.  Kerry usually explores the creative relationship between her inner and outer environment based on her past or present experiences.

Despite the months of isolation and shielding other than going out for exercise, Kerry adapted and felt grateful for the good in her life and the wellness of her family.  The last painting in the series, completed in August, is ‘Storm of Hope’.  Kerry told us that this was her way of capturing the ‘hope’ of many people that came with the many months of learning to live life differently. 

October 22, 2020

Image: Storm of Hope by Kerry Zacharia


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