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Occhi Contemporary Art is part of award-winning Occhi Arts & Entertainment, a New York and London-based consultancy providing strategic business, communications, and PR support to artists and creative businesses.


We are dedicated to providing competent, professional service to our artists and the global art community. Our mission is to diversify the mainstream and challenge the status quo by working across mediums with local and international artists, digital designers, filmmakers/producers, writers, and the public. We will support artists and their practice - through development, production, exhibition, and engagement with fellow artists, art buyers, and the wider public.

We exhibit an eclectic variety of contemporary art by American, British, and International artists, with an integrated program of exhibitions, including solo and group exhibitions, introducing innovative perspectives in the execution of painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video, and works on paper. Join our mailing list for updates on future exhibitions and events.


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We'd like to help you find the right artist and artwork for your needs. Whether you're a first-time buyer or want to expand your portfolio, our five-minute questionnaire can help you build a highly appreciating art collection.

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