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Kerry Zacharia

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Change City-Ink on Paper 67cm x127cm

Kerry Zacharia was born in London and is of Greek-Cypriot ethnic origin.  She has lived and worked in London all her life.  Kerry is a natural self-taught artist who is guided by her vision, instinct and intuition.  In a short space of time she has gained quite a following and is widely selected and exhibits her art primarily in London.  She consistently receives great feedback from her shows and on social media.


Someone once commented that her art was “like Van Gogh from another dimension”.  Her art is largely received as “different”, “energising” and “mysterious” and as her having a unique and recognisable style. ​

Whilst art is not her full-time profession, she has shown great commitment and dedication since her journey began. She invests in her own self-representation, continually seeking opportunities to develop her art practice. 

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