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Sumali Piyatissa

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Sumali Buki

Old is Gold  by Sumali Piyatissa -Mixed media on canvas (oil, gesso, plaster, gold pigment)

Her submission for the Occhi/ Phoenix FTA The ‘Together For Our Planet’ Initiative is titled ‘Reflective Moments’. The painting is oil on canvas with gold pigment size 32” (H) x 40” (W)The artist was inspired by the glacier mountains that she experienced when she was on vacation. Reflecting upon the beauty of the picturesque view and the reflective colors brought this painting into the light.

The artist desires to bring awareness and remind us all of the beauty of nature that one should protect and preserve for generations to come. Artwork is created using oils, gesso, and gold pigment. The artwork is stretched on a wooden frame and ready to hang. The sides of the canvas are painted as an extension of the artwork. She caught up with the exhibition curators David Emmanuel Noel and Ina Ballik to discuss her exhibition and publication entry. Hear the interview here

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