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Alaskarzade Zemfira Niyazi

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“Lovers”,Zemfira Alaskarzade, Illustration on paper

Born in Azerbaijan, Alaskarzade Zemfira Niyazi fastidiously uses materials such as watercolor, watercolor pencils, dry pastels, oil, acrylic, and gouache to produce vibrant and arresting work. After successful exhibitions and features in several publications, Zemfira is recognized for her bold confident style, inspired by the ideas of impressionism in the transmission of the first emotions, impressions, and expressionism - a vivid demonstration of feelings. The main genre of her work is portraiture, where she seeks to show, through facial expressions and color, the inner beauty of a person: character, emotions, and feelings. 


She has a diploma, confirmed by Agaali Ibrahimov (Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, Secretary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan), Galib Gasimov (Director of the Azerbaijan National Art Gallery), and Zahid Avazov (Director of the Khatai Art Center), and diploma confirmed by Rashad Mehdiyev (Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Science). 


Zemfira, a multifaceted artist with various interests, is currently studying Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University.  Her current study influences her work, particularly her use of color, where the choice of a palette can be based on some kind of qualitative reaction of halogens, a change in the color of the precipitate or solution.

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