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Caribbean Fine Art Fair 2024: In Conversation with Artist S Ross Browne

Mar 7, 2024

Born in Mount Vernon, New York, S. Ross Browne studied Art and Design at Virginia Commonwealth University under Dr. Murry DePillars and photography at The Corcoran School of Art. A professional studio artist of over 30 years, he is mainly a figurative painter and has exhibited domestically and internationally in over 70 gallery and museum exhibitions.

As an Illustrator, Browne has produced artwork for various publications including St. Martin’s Press, The U.S. Department of the Interior, The McDonald’s Corporation of Northern California, The ACLU, Jacaranda Books, Star Line Journal of the SFPA and The Pulp Fiction publication.

As a muralist S. Ross Browne has completed works in New York and in various cities in Virginia. Highlights include 1222 Parkwood Ave., Schneider Laboratories, 12th and Hull St., the Sankofa Orchard, Johnny On The Spot Inc., The Boys and Girls club of Newport News as part of the Marshall Ridley Federal Grant initiative, The Woodberry Forest School Windows and Mirrors Project and The Children’s Hospital at VCU Health in Richmond Virginia. Browne was also an inaugural participating and published artist of the acclaimed Mending Walls Mural Project. As S Ross Browne prepares to participate in this year’s Caribbean Fine Art Fair, we had the pleasure of speaking to him about his work.

Artwork: S. Ross Browne Apotheosis Avenue_oil on canvas 52x64 2019

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