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Alan James Weiss

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All Art is Propaganda.jpg

All Art is Propaganda (Oil on stretched canvas )

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Alan Weiss was born on the “Copper Belt” in south central Africa in the town Kitwe, Zambia (then a British protectorate known as Northern Rhodesia).   He has since re-located many times and traveled extensively in Southern Africa, Europe and North America, studying design in London in the late 1970’s, subsequently graduating with a B. A. Hons degree from Middlesex University.


Alan is a self taught painter, and began painting in oils at the age of 14yrs.  His primary career however has been in the field of Architecture & Retail design, disciplines that are inherently creative in their own right and the requirement to always be conceptualizing and thinking in three dimensions has ended up having a positive impact on his paintings with proportion, perspective, spatial awareness, and color being relevant to both careers.


Since 2016 he has revisited his passion for painting in earnest.   His style is not limited, and although his work is realistic and representative in nature, Alan also moves to expressionistic work as the mood takes him.   Subject matter is likewise not limited, although wildlife has been a focus and the dominant theme throughout his life, influenced by his upbringing in central and southern Africa.

“I do not wish to be limited in my choice of subject matter, although a recurring theme throughout my career has been wildlife, particularly African wildlife.  Creativity is emotive, and basic instincts, raw power, and grace are definitely values that I want to portray when painting animals.  I do foresee more narrative figurative artworks going forward - art should always be about pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities.”

Alan paints primarily in oils on linen canvas, and his studio is based in the beautiful City of Cape Town, South Africa.

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