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Alan James Weiss 

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In Conversation with Visual Artist /Architect Alan James Weiss


Alan James Weiss is both an Architect/Designer and a truly amazing painter. We are so grateful to him not only for sharing his artwork with us but also for his vivid descriptions of the rich African environments he has enjoyed all his life, his great love for wildlife, and his perspective on the creative process itself.

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November 5, 2020

Walk of Life.jpg

Occhi Artist's Talk : Alan James Weiss


Occhi Contemporary Art is proud to present the profound and engrossing works of Alan James Weiss. Out of Africa, the artist's debut show with Occhi is a platform for the artist to share some of his interests and an opportunity for audiences to indulge in the mastery of his work. In this video, the artist provides further details on origins of work.

March 2022

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