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Occhi Contemporary Art Gallery Launches with Kerry Zacharia: London in Different Dimensions

Jul 18, 2021

This is Occhi Contemporary Art’s inaugural feature. Kerry's 2018 London show is now online for a worldwide audience to see.

Our first featured artist is London-born Kerry Zacharia. She has lived and worked in London all her life. Her successful 2018 solo show ‘London in Different Dimensions’ is Occhi Contemporary Art’s inaugural feature, now online for a worldwide audience to see. As a self-taught artist, guided by her vision, instinct, and intuition, Zacharia takes viewers on a journey through familiar urban scenes of London. The artist originally presented this collection at her central London solo art exhibition near London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. The exhibition was originally hosted by The Salvation Army at their International Headquarters, within their Gallery 101 space. Kerry has been a longtime supporter of the organization, fundraising to raise awareness and money to help support its work combating homelessness and modern slavery. In her time practicing, she has succeeded in engaging audiences with her expressive and highly individual graphic line style.

We are honored to feature Kerry as a represented artist. Occhi Contemporary Art welcomes submissions and we aim to support artists and their practice through development and engagement with fellow artists, art buyers, and the wider public. Join our mailing list for updates on future exhibitions, calls for artists, and collaborative opportunities.

Image. The Change City View ( Ink on Paper- 2015)

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