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Dwyer Cultural Center Presents The “Art of Carnival” Exhibition

Nov 1, 2023

Occhi collaborators, The Dwyer Cultural Center and Diaspora Now Inc. are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, titled “Art of Carnival”, will feature the work of Weldon Ryan, an award-winning Trinidadian artist exploring the cultural expressions of Caribbean Carnival. The exhibition is curated by Anderson M. Pilgrim of Barbados and New York City.

Weldon Ryan, an artist from Trinidad and Tobago, draws inspiration from his homeland’s culture and traditions. For nearly thirty years, he has been painting carnival scenes, depicting the colorful celebration of Caribbean culture. Weldon regularly attends carnival events in cities such as Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, and Brooklyn to capture the vibrancy and essence of these events with his unique style. He then transforms the images he captures onto canvas, creating masterpieces that showcase the beauty and joy of the carnival. Every year, he exhibits his new paintings during carnivals in these cities, intending to expose the fine art world and the carnival audience to his artful expressions of Caribbean culture.

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