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Art & Sol: A Perfect Fusion of Music, Photography, and Portraiture

Jul 17, 2022

Art & Sol runs until the end of July at the new Ealing Project venue. The venue has just opened and will provide a home and platform for the creative talent that exists in the area and beyond.

During the 1980s, Solomon (Sol) N’Jie was responsible for the crowd safety management of spectators at various London venues where the world’s leading musicians performed. He used a 35mm camera to capture rare and unseen images from unique vantage points of pop stars. Painter and journalist Stella Tooth is a founding member of the Lots Road Group of portraitists and resident artist of the Half Moon Putney. She has a remarkable ability to capture stories through her paintings with brilliant effect. The two artists have collaborated for their latest venture titled ‘Art & Sol” at the Ealing Project, a new multi-functional community space in the west London Borough of Ealing. We had the pleasure to speak to Solomon and Stella about the project, which fuses their love of photography, painting, and music.

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