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Pantea Mahrou

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Floating in the Pantea Mahrou
Artist Pantea Mahrou, represented by Occhi Contemporary Art

Pantea Mahrou began her professional career ten years ago, delving into architecture and taking a leading role in her family’s construction company. She went on to teach at the acclaimed Azad University of Tehran. From a young age, she fell in love with ancient architecture, specifically during the Archimedean era, which has inspired her study into its rich history. She remains committed to uncovering its mysteries and secrets.

Using spiritual symbols, and architectural influences, her work provides energy that encapsulates the rich history of middle eastern culture with a contemporary perspective on life.  Paying careful attention to the colors used, she provides audiences with a sense of calm and peace.

A student of the renowned  Iranian sculptor Parvis Tanavoli, she ably produces sculptures that are unique and innovative, exhibiting her ability to comfortably experiment with several techniques, using colors that have profound historical meaning. She has exhibited widely, including in Germany, Canada, Hungary, and France, bringing her work to new audiences.

Image: Floating in the Sea (Ancient Persia collection 3.(30x60)=90x60

Mixed media on canvas  2020

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