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Despina Symeou 

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Artist-Despina Symeou. Title-Rendevouz. Medium- hand finished screenprint. Image size- H29

Rendevouz. Medium- hand finished screenprint

Despina Symeou is a Painter~Printmaker who lives and works in London. After the study of art forms focusing on fine art, printmaking and photography, Despina specialized in Jewellery Design, gaining a B.A.Hons Degree from Middlesex University.


In recent years she has returned to the two-dimensional formats that had originally fired her imagination, predominantly in etching. The human form has been her preferred starting point for most of her projects and an eye for the interesting and sometimes unexpected elements add to the narrative as the work progresses.


‘I use photography almost daily to record anything that catches my eye. The colour of the sky, the shape of a tree, but primarily I enjoy people watching and using that photographic moment to begin a narrative.

 Whether I apply ink to an etching plate or blend paint for a screenprint, it follows the same thought process as painting on canvas or paper. From observation to translating my inspiration into an artwork proves to be a fascinating and instructive practice.

Ultimately, it is the human form which interests and challenges me the most.”

Artist Despina Symeou

Despina began showing her figurative work in 2010 with her solo show Skin Shapes. Since then, she has exhibited her work in and around London with the Printmakers Council, biannually shows work at The Affordable Art Fair UK and as a member of Artcan, collaborates with artist’s groups which enables her work to reach a wider audience.

In 2018 Despina was shortlisted artist for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Many of her paintings and prints are in private collections worldwide and her etchings are held in the Victoria & Albert Collection Fund and the Scarborough Museum Trust.

2020 Prizewinner for Island2Island at the Velorose Gallery, Barbican.

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