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Andre Parchment

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Andre Dane Parchment is an Outstanding Visual Artist and Writer You Should Get to Know


Andre is originally from Jamaica, where he studied printmaking, graphics, and drawing.


Showing an entrepreneurial flair, he started an arts graphics business, but, after a particularly difficult period concluding in the loss of his business, he made significant changes in life including migrating to the UK to become a British soldier deployed in Iraq.

Since becoming a civilian, he has exhibited at the London Battersea Affordable Art fair (exhibiting with the Army Art Society), Charlton House and the Canary Wharf Window Gallery.


We caught up with Andre to talk about his work and forthcoming projects.

January 8, 2019


Image: Homelessness

Acrylic on canvas  60 x 80cm

-1885463389_20201211_132009_5104793_resized copy.jpg

Podcast :In Conversation with Visual Artist Andre Parchment


Artist Andre Parchment discusses his introduction to the arts with Occhi's David Emmanuel Noel.

Born in Jamaica, the natural beauty of Andre's surroundings ignited his senses and shaped his perspective on life. His debut Occhi Contemporary Art exhibition, titled 'The Wings in Me' is a manifestation of Andre's thoughts and memories that form a vibrant body of work, full of expression, curiosity, and reflection.

Andre Parchment_edited.jpg
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