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Maria Coletsis 


Artist Statement


Intermission is a series of images made during the Covid 19 pandemic addressing the protection of the environment and how halting our continual intrusion into nature might revitalize it.  This unprecedented experience brought much to a stop from combustion, construction, mining, agriculture and warfare; the environmental benefits became visible quickly.  Air quality improved as people stayed home and practiced social distancing but it became clear to me that the environment needs a mask from the human race and its use of fossil fuels. This sudden break from industry pollutants and the use of freshwater to transport waste away from facilities has given the environment a chance to thrive. Each image exposes the threat pollution poses to our natural world and ultimately to the human population. To aid in the reduction of spread for future epidemics, reducing air pollution now will be important because pollution damages our respiratory systems making all of us more susceptible to such viruses.

About The Artist


Maria Coletsis works with issues concerned with identity and the environment. Since receiving her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she has exhibited her artwork in galleries internationally. A solo art exhibition and book launch at the De Luca Gallery in Toronto for her recently published photography book, Behind the Whip: Dominatrix. Her photographs were included in the East London Photography Festival and chosen by the curator of the Whitney Museum for the Viridian Gallery open call in New York. Maria has contributed editorial photography for many international magazines and newspapers. Many of her images appear on book covers, websites and music covers. She continues to investigate and photograph elements from nature to explore human nature.


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