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Yunqi Yang

Zoomed Out Highways
Zoomedouthighways (1).jpg

Artwork Dimensions & Medium:

5*7*2 inches, Mixed Meida

About The Artist


Yunqi Yang is a photographer, videographer, visual designer, and multidisciplinary artist. She just received her MFA in Photo/Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts. She likes to use visual storytelling to help people/organizations tell their unique stories. She cares about environmental issues and diversity.


Artwork Sumary:

I want my work to raise awareness of environmental issues such as environmental pollution by using video collages, which consist of paintings and photo collages. Moreover, my installation means creating an immersive experience for the viewer. I want to invite the viewers to experience or have fun in my work and remind them of the importance of nature in our daily lives and nature's beauty.


The creative process is inspired by the natural environment. It begins with painted flowers, which are then photographed and used as the base of the collage. Flora are selected as the focal point to ideally represent nature: they are beautiful and fragile. Acrylic paint is used because it is thicker, dries fast, and can create more texture compared with other mediums. This helps retain as much detail as possible, as some will get lost in the process of photographing, and materially grounds the work, which is otherwise highly digital. People and animals are sourced from online searches, emphasizing the importance and everyday use of digital versions of natural objects in contemporary society. These images deliberately look out of place, again highlighting the gap between the natural and the digital.


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