Kristina MyGul

Save Me
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kristina mygul- save me-80-80-painting-installation mixed media (1).jpeg

'Save Me'  by Kristina Mygul

acrylic, epoxy, used art palettes, garbage, mixed media


Kristina Mygul, an emergent artist from Ukraine. 

Her art is not only for pleasure, it is a powerful tool to convey information,  implement change  and influence the viewer. She aims to talk through her works of art, exploring and encouraging discussions around complex social topics that  remain unheard by many . Kristina aims to attract the attention of different segments of the population and, through paintings, give impetus to rethinking of societal behaviors. Because - if people still feel the pain of others, it gives hope that they will not lose the "human face".

The picture-installation "Save me", need little explanation; it addresses  the theme of ecology, preserving nature and how methods of  recycling. The art world should be part of this direction to draw attention to the natural catastrophe and remind people to be caring about the place where we all live. The artist explains, 'Since I am an artist who raises various social issues - it was important for me to create a picture of such an urgent topic, we have to talk about it more and more, everyone does it in their own way to help - I brought it to the art.'