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Natalie Rusinova

Russian Flag
Prophecies by artist Natalie Rusinova

Sunrise and sunset. Blinding sun account and coal gloom. Overflows of colors and moods. Serenity. Inspirational radiance. Hope. Anxiety. A variety of feelings and sensations. You can observe different impressions and emotions in each part of the picture. From the tranquility of the pre-dawn clouds in the upper left corner down to the expressive sunset flourishes below. From cheerful, bright colors to alarming gloomy signs. The interweaving of meanings and ideas. It is in our power to choose how our world will be...


About The Artist 


An expressionist artist from Russia. In her work, she pays special attention to the versatility of color, contrast, and bright accents. She draws colorful landscapes depicting emotions and impressions.

While studying painting at art school, she discovered her passion to work in expressionism and impressionism styles. Her goal was to create convention-free art, forcing the viewer's imagination to work towards the essence of the phenomenon represented in the picture. The viewer to be not an ordinary observer, but a participant in the action.

Natalie is inspired by natural phenomena and, having guided through the prism of her imagination, captures them on canvas with the help of oil paints, endowing with unreal, magical properties. She fills the space of the picture with emotional, dynamic power through dynamic strokes with brush and palette knife. In her work, she tries to convey the sensuality, transience, and originality of natural phenomena.

Curator Comments

When we marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, we feel a sense of peace and serenity, and maybe even most of us may have the fleeting thought that this world isn’t such a bad place as we read in the news and that nature is “alright”.

Few of us think about the fact that all we’re doing is marveling at is the angle of sunlight as it enters the atmosphere during sunrise or sunset and the phenomena called Rayleigh scattering. All colors we see in the sky come from sunlight that is scattered by molecules, mostly nitrogen and oxygen but as well any other gas or aerosol in the atmosphere. These molecules scatter rays of sunlight into separate wavelengths of light; hence, the more there are the more sunlight is scattered, resulting in more colorful skies.

However, there’s a darker side to all this beauty and that is air pollution by human-made aerosols.

There are two schools of thought about the impact on the colors we see when there is an abundance of aerosols in the atmosphere. One, that increased air pollution causes more intense colors during sunrise and sunset than it normally would, and one, that makes the case for the opposite: that aerosols do not enhance sky colors but that they subdue them, dulling or softening the sunset colors into pale yellows and pinks, robbing sunrises and sunsets of brilliance and intensity.

Not being an atmospheric scientist, I use the twilight time to ponder the ambivalence these different arguments cause, as I marvel at the beauty of the skies, wondering which truth it holds…



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