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 Prof Michael Kwong 

Cursed Sky

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Michael Kwong_Cursed Sky_2020 (2).jpg

Artwork Title : Cursed Sky

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 70cm X 50cm

Year of Creation: 2020

Artwork Description


I believe it is the undeniable responsibility of all countries in the world to protect our natural environment and make the world a beautiful and safe place, by preventing the environment to be further damaged. It is a critical issue faced and concern of the international world.  Therefore,  I have created the painting called "Cursed Sky" which tells the severe problem of air pollution and it is the main reason caused the climate change.  I would like to use the vision of an abstract expressionist artist to arouse the attention of people about the deadly consequences of environmental pollution. 

About The Artist

Prof. Michael Kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1972, studied at Columbus College of Art & Design, and worked as an illustrator in the United States after graduation. In 2002, he finally moved back to Hong Kong to continue his artistic career. Prof. Kwong has taught in different universities including Shantou University, Xiamen University, and Savannah College of Art and Design. At the same time, he has been working as a pop art and abstract expressionist painter creating art pieces that combine eastern culture characteristics and western painting techniques.

Curator Comments

We all know that must phase out fossil fuels to avert the twin crisis of Air Pollution and Climate Change. Air pollution is long known to cause serious health concerns from the obvious ones as respiratory disorders and asthma to some less obvious ones i.e., obesity, heart attacks, and strokes. 

Whilst COP26 can celebrate the great success in finally agreeing on Article 6 of the Paris agreement so it can be operationalized from 2021, the last-minute changes to a previously unanimously agreed draft text of the Glasgow climate pact from “phase-out of unabated coal power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies” to “phase-down of unabated coal power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies” resulted in serious disappointment that many Parties voiced in the closing meeting. No wonder that this text raises serious concerns; there are manifold reasons: 

1. The draft text talks about “coal”, not fossil fuels i.e., the text does not include any phase-out or phase down goals for oil and gas


2. The text leaves legal ambiguity in the words “unabated” and “inefficient” for the fossil fuel industry to get away with continued use of coal and subsidies for fossil fuels


3. The text doesn’t contain a date by which coal and fossil fuel subsidies will have to be phased out – so this can continue indefinitely!

COP26 failed to make fossil fuels a relic of the past and once more left enough loopholes in the text for the fossil fuel industry and its lobbyist to spell further doom on the planet and humanity. This will not be looked on favourably. It’s time to put people’s health before corporate greed. Fossil Fuels – coal, oil, and gas – are the major drivers of climate change and are also the biggest contributor to the poor air quality and by now are a recognised public health emergency that is affecting the quality of life of the people, leading to 5-9 million deaths a year (appr. 9% of deaths globally). By now, 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants – and unfortunately, the results of COP26 won’t change that.

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