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Andre Parchment

The Butterflies Soars 76x101_edited.jpg
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Born in Jamaica, the natural beauty of Andre’s surroundings ignited his senses and shaped his perspective on life. He discovered a love for sketching and painting from a young age, attracted by the sea and landscapes, capturing their essence on canvas. Equally, music was a great influence due to years of listening to his father's collection of records.


He studied printmaking, graphics, and drawing. Showing his entrepreneurial flair, he started an art graphics business, but, after a particularly difficult period made significant changes in life including migrating to the UK to become a British soldier deployed in Iraq. His move to England, and serving in the British armed forces for several years, furthered his philosophical approach to life and influenced his vibrant and powerfully reflective paintings.


The Butterflies Soar by Andre Parchment

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