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Amber Henry

Butterfly in Flight by Amber Henry
Artist Amber Henry

Amber Henry is an interdisciplinary commission artist and private art teacher who specializes in oil portrait commissions and palette knife acrylic paintings.


The former Laguna Beach gallery owner and artist relocated from Southern California to Salt Lake City in 2011 to take care of her mother who was suffering from breast cancer. Her late mother’s death inspired her favorite portrait.  Amber currently lives in Arizona with her husband, raising her most precious work of art, daughter Matisse.

In 2007, She graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design with a BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration. She went on to show in local Laguna art galleries such as Fingerhut and Orange County Creatives, enjoying her involvement in the Laguna Beach art community, having served on various committees such as First Thursday’s Art Walk, and Laguna College of Art + Design’s mentoring and alumni committees. She has exhibited work at Alpine Art Gallery, the Sedona (Arizona) Arts Festival and will be showing work in Fountain Hills, Tempe, and Phoenix Arizona.

Always consumed by imagination and creativity, her pockets often overflow with drawing utensils and various “fascinating” objects collected throughout the day.  She confides, ‘The discovery that I could create a world with paint and canvas led to the realization that art has always lived within me and that I was destined to share this with the world and make my impression.  While I enjoy the disciplined process it takes to make an oil painting come to life, I have also grown fond of the spontaneity of using nothing more than a palette knife and acrylic paint to create a work of art that grabs my creativity in ways I never expected.’

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