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Occhi Contemporary 

Occhi Contemporary Art is a platform for artists to showcase their work to the public and across the art community. Our purpose is to support access and discourse between artists, curators, gallerists, and collaborators, wherever they are based.


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Featured Artist: Pantea Mahrou
The Look of Luristan Goat, 2020

Mixed media on canvas                         44 7866270381

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Featured Artist Painter Alan James Weiss

In Conversation with Visual Artist Alan James Weiss

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Sumali Piyatissa:
Behind My Eyes 

25th August to 25th September 2022


Sumali Piyatissa: Behind My Eyes

In Sumali Piyatissa's debut solo show with Occhi Contemporary, “Behind Her Eyes” features a range of abstract artworks that are inspired by nature and everyday life. The collection is a combination of modern mixed media techniques and traditional oil painting techniques which is captured through the eyes of the artist. 


Image: 'The Unseen'

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Occhi Contemporary Collaborates with
Cole's Art Gallery

We are now collaborating with Cole's Art Gallery to jointly represent and showcase the work of selected artists at the gallery's London pop-up venues.  

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